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9th EAI International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks

September 28–29, 2017 | Niagara Falls, Canada

Workshop on Underwater Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Ad Hoc Networks

Photo of Evangelos Kranakis

Evangelos Kranakis


Chancellor's Professor 
School of Computer Science
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON, Canada


Title: The Sound of Communication in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Abstract: the interdisciplinary understanding required for the design and analysis of underwater wireless sensor networks presents formidable constraints and challenges for computer scientists and engineers.  However, underwater environments have never been much of a constraint to the rich animal life they support at all depths of our seas and oceans. Indeed, it has been known that nature has taken advantage of this environment to develop a rich variety of efficient communication strategies throughout the long history of evolutionary change and adaptation. The wealth of knowledge to be discovered will continue to dazzle and fascinate the world.

Employing acoustic signals for communication is the preferred choice for a network designer because underwater their energy propagation is the most efficient when compared to other forms, like thermal, light, and electromagnetic. It is within this "acoustic'' environment that researchers have to innovate and develop new ideas and methodologies so as to advance the state-of-the-art.

Several fundamental issues and connections are discussed which arise in the study of underwater wireless sensor networks. Throughout the nature of the underwater environment is emphasized and how one can take advantage of it. A variety of ideas and solutions that could be of value for further research are proposed and elaborated upon. Moreover, fundamental issues in topology control, opportunistic routing, directional antennae, ice coverage, and energy control are discussed.