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Accepted papers

  • Review on MAC protocols for Flying Ad Hoc Networks using directional antennas
  • The Effect of Propagation Models on IEEE 802.11n over 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz in Noisy Channels: A Simulation Study
  • The Control of Delay Distribution in Wireless Industrial Network
  • MBA-DbMAC: A Random-Access MAC Protocol for MBAs
  • Guessing Intrinsic Forwarding Trustworthiness of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Nodes
  • Rail Vehicle Fire Warning System Based on Gas Vapor Sensor Network
  • The Effects of Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) Channels on a Highly Mobile User Device
  • Multiobjective collaborative beamforming for a distributed satellite cluster via NSGA-II
  • Fair Resource Allocation Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning in Fog Networks
  • Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning for Joint Wireless and Computational Resource Allocation in Mobile Edge Computing System
  • LEER Layer-Based and Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Underwater Sensor Network
  • Energy-Efficient Power Allocation for Fading Device-to-Device Channels in Downlink Resource Sharing Communication
  • Cooperative Transmission with Power Control in Hyper-Cellular Network
  • Multi-Agent Network-Based Distributed Resilient Control for Cyber-Physical Systems under Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • Blockchain-aided Access Control for Secure Communications in Ad Hoc Networks
  • EL-CRP: An Energy and Location Aware Clustering Routing Protocol in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Routing Void Handling Protocol based on Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • Machine Learning Based Smart IoT Gateway on Edge
  • High precision indoor positioning method based on UWB
  • A Homology Based Coverage Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • FDR Decoding Algorithm Intended for Recursive Coding
  • Network Selection in Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks Based on One-to-Many Matching Algorithm
  • An Efficient Approach for Rigid Body Localization via Single Base Station Using Direction of Arrive Measurement
  • Optimal Packet Size Analysis for Intra-Flow Network Coding Enabled One Hop Wireless Multicast
  • Design and Mobile Tracking Performance of Retro-Directive Array (RDA) Antenna System
  • Delay based Wireless Scheduling and Server Assignment for Fog Computing Systems
  • Improvement of Single Node Indoor Localization System
  • AMP inspired Antenna Activity and Signal Detection Algorithm for Generalized Spatial Modulated NOMA
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